Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dear Kacey: Month 5- February 2016

Dear Kacey,

February, month 5 was a fun month for you!  You have gotten so much more alert and aware of what is going on around you.  You are grabbing things with your hands and putting everything in your mouth, as you try to take everything in.   You love going to your music class each week and when I sing the songs to you at home, you always smile!  We went to Grandpa's to watch the Daytona 500 (Daddy is a big Nascar fan) and we had a lot of fun.  Last year on Daytona is when we told  told the family you were 6 weeks in my belly and now we can't believe you are here.  You have also been drooling a lot so we think that you are starting to experience the early stages of teething.  This month at the doctor you weighed in at 12 lbs 5 ounces and measured 24.25 inches.  You did start spitting up a bit more this month, but the exciting news is you have been able to start having oatmeal cereal in your formula.  I am excited at this first step towards you eating real food.  Even though I am still learning a lot a long the way, being your Mommy feels so natural to me and I absolutely love that my main job right now is to take care of you, love you, and help you grow!

Here are the highlights from month 5:

Daddy was so generous to us and sold his pick-up truck.  Even though we were so sad to see it go, we wanted to lessen our monthly expenses to help Mommy stay home with you as much as possible.  Here you are at the dealership, where you were such a good girl and patient while we were there all day!  You and I now cruise around in a Ford Taurus Wagon and I love it!  We have plenty of room for your stroller and all of your other baby gear and I love that we now have no car expenses per month, except for my insurance.


I broke my cell phone and lost some photos from the middle of the month, but here is a google image of what our new wheels look like.  Daddy also sold his wheels and tires from his truck and used the money to put brand new tires and brakes on our wagon.  He also bought Mommy a new radio with Bluetooth so I can use my cell phone in the car.  I will always appreciate his sacrifice for our little family.
Grandpa also has his pickup truck that he has been nice enough to let us borrow whenever we want.  We discovered his F-150 has a built in changing station, (ie the center console) and you really like riding in the truck!  We all can't wait to take you to the beach and show Grandpa's truck at Carlisle this year!

We took a super cute "photo shoot" for your 4 month photos in your Snow White dress. You are so smiley now and nothing makes Daddy and I feel better in all the world than knowing that you light up and smile when you see us!

We had you take pictures holding a little Valentine sign to make Valentine's Day cards for some of our family.  We hope it was a nice surprise for some of our family members and you looked adorable in these shots!

You were our special little Valentine this year!  Grandpa watched you so Daddy and I could have dinner at the Cooperage Inn by our house.  Then we came home to open gifts and celebrate loving each other and you!
Grandpa bought you this outfit which you wore the day before Valentine's Day!

Daddy and I both had steaks and split a heart chocolate cake for dessert.  The Cooperage was decorated beautifully and even had an acapella group.  We had a really nice date but then we were eager to go home to see you!


Daddy really spoiled his girls!  He bought Mommy chocolates, a country decoration and a new outfit, with jeans, a shirt, white sneakers and socks!  He bought you a new outfit too and Daddy and I gave you together Minnie and Mickey Valentine's stuffed animals.  We gave Daddy some candy and a bunch of Star Wars stuff since he really enjoyed the new movie.  I also helped you make Daddy a "bee mine" craft.  But most important was how much we all love each other!



 At bedtime we read you two of Mommy's favorite Valentine's books.  "The Valentine's Bears" book was mine when I was a little girl!

On February 28th, you had your first oatmeal in your formula!  You really seem to like it and I am so hopeful that it is helping your tummy so you spit up less!

Other fun things in February included....

We went to cousin Katie & Justin's engagement party!  They are having a little boy soon and you will have a new cousin to play with!

We had a fun play date with Stevi and Juliet to celebrate Stevi's 30th birthday!  We had Panera for lunch and played with Juliet!  Juliet was super into Indy this visit!

You learned how to blow spit bubbles and raspberries this month!  You are so cute!

 And of course this month I took a bunch of pictures of you looking adorable, playing, and having fun!  

You are getting super into the characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse lately!  Here you are in a staring contest with Minnie (Minnie won!)

 I took you for a ride to the beach on a warmer day!

Daddy and I have been "driving" you around in your bassinet to help you fall asleep for naps sometimes.  It works!

 Everyone says lately that you look like Daddy, but I think bath-time is the one time you definitely look like me!

We've been experimenting with your headbands more lately!  Most times you don't mind!

Daddy and I took you for lunch with us at Senor Taco!

And then a quick walk at Wildwood Park!

You have been trying out your exer-saucer!  You are just about big enough to hold your head up in it now and your favorite toy on their is the little spinning bees!

You got some new cute outfits from Aunt Annette!  

You and Indy love to watch me cook dinner!

You both also like to nap together!

 Daddy bought you these ladybug pjs and I absolutely love them!

My Snow White!

You've been enjoying this water toy that has little fish swimming inside!

Overall Kacey, Daddy and I fall more and more in love with you each day!  My heart is so happy while writing to you, but I also feel a little sad because yesterday the doctor diagnosed you with RSV (a respiratory virus).  Basically, you have an adult cold but as a baby, it makes it hard for you to breath and one of your lungs is irritated.  I have to give you nebulizer treatments 4 times a day for three weeks and you aren't eating/sleeping like your usual self.  You have been pretty smiley despite it all, but Daddy and I are so upset because we hate to hear you cough and not feel well.  We tried so hard to shield you from germs, but Daddy and I both had colds recently and we've also been taking you out more places.  I promise we are going to make you better and as comfortable as we can.  Blog readers, please say a little prayer for my Kacey girl that she feels better as soon as possible,

I love you Kacey! You are my greatest gift!

Love, Mommy

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