Friday, February 19, 2016

Dear Kacey: Month 4- January 2016

Dear Kacey,

Normally the letdown after Christmas as we enter the cold winter months is a bummer, but this year it wasn't as bad as usual because we have you with us Kacey!  At your pediatrician appointment, your new weight was 11 pounds 12 ounces and you had a few new milestones.  You started sleeping in your crib at night.  Your Daddy and I were sad to have you move on from your bassinet in the pack and play, but you were getting too big for it.  We wanted to be able to keep you in the same room with us forever, but we know it is better for you to have room to grow and stretch out overnight.  Daddy and I both check the monitor often and listen and watch you on the little screen.  You even had a few night were you slept through the whole night (although recently we haven't been as lucky!)  As great as you are doing in your crib overnight, you want no part of it during the day!  You prefer your lamb swing, your car seat, or your all time favorite Mommy's arms for a daytime nap.  But that's ok with me because I am so proud of how you are doing in the crib at night time.

The first few days of January, Daddy was home still from work.  We played with a lot of your new Christmas toys, such as your rocking horse, your musical farm, window and kitchen, and all of your stuffed animals.  I also finally finished your Christmas princess Christmas stocking.  It will be all ready for next December for you!

On January 5th, we took your 3 month photos!  You looked super cute and we used your little stuffed beagle, K.C. as this month's prop.

We also continued to find ladybugs this month, which is so unlikely in the middle of the winter, which adds to my belief that they are visits from Grandma Phyllis.  I found one right before you were born, than one in our Christmas tree after a visit from Ellen, and then two this month who hung around for days!  I eventually put them on the windowsill in the kitchen.  I am not sure if they are hibernating, but they are still there!

On January 13th, we celebrated your 100th day of life!  When Mommy taught Kindergarten, we always celebrated the 100th day of school with 100 pieces of cereal for a fun breakfast, 100 day centers, and treats!  So I decided to throw you a little 100th day party with Daddy.  We wrote you 100 things we love about you (50 each), gave you 100 kisses (50 each), and I put a cookie and two doughnuts next to each other for our 100 day snack.  I can't believe how much we love we have for you in those 100 days!

My favorite part of January is that our music class "Music Together" began!  We go every Thursday and we are in class with other babies who are 9 months and under.  This is the perfect activity for a baby your age and you really love going!  You smile so much in class, love seeing the other babies, looking in the big mirror, and listening to the music.  Sometimes you lay on a blanket, other times  you sit on my lap, other times I pick you up and dance with you.  We got a music book and cd to use at home to practice our special songs!  Some of your favorites are "Hello Everybody", "Biddy-Biddy", "The Snail", "Clap Your Hands", "She Sells Seashells", "Everybody Loves Saturday Night."  I love to see you play the baby maracas, drums, and other baby sized instruments that our teacher Ms. Marie brings to class each week.  Daddy and I bought you a little musical instrument set and the 3 of us play music together up in the loft all the time!

Daddy and I read two books to you each night as part of your bedtime routine.  We have been reading a lot of farm animal books lately and we are all really enjoying this theme!  A lot of these books are so funny and you love to look at the pictures.  You still especially love any of the birds, especially the ducks!  We also crack up when you were your International Harvester tractor bib!

We also had some bath helpers this month.  One night Daddy and I watched your cousins and they loved helping with your bedtime routine.  Another night Grandad helped while Daddy was away at training for work.  Everyone loves you so much Kacey baby!

Since you love ducks so much, I crocheted you a duck hat!  You look so cute in it!

You also experienced your first blizzard this month!  We didn't take you out in the snow at all, but we let you wear a cute snowsuit and you looked at Indy out the back door!  Your picture with Indy actually got featured on the Riverhead Local website!

A big milestone that happened at the end of the month, January 27th was that you rolled over for the first time from your belly to your back!  You still aren't too fond of tummy time, but it was very exciting to watch you be able to roll over for the first time!

Of course you are still a sleepy head so we had a ton of chilly snuggle days!  I would always chose to snuggle you, no matter how much laundry or cleaning needs to be done!

Overall, January was just another month of us seeing how adorable you are and being thrilled every time you give us that big, gummy and toothless smile of yours!  I thank God every day Kacey that I get to be your Mommy and that I get to be home to take care of you!  I hope someday when you are older that you will know that these days have been the best ones of my entire life!

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