Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dear Kacey: Month 6- March 2016

My dear sweet Kacey,

Month 6 started out fun as you are growing and more able to do things!  At the end of month 5 and beginning of month 6 I enjoyed taking you out to more places.  We went food shopping together at King Kullen, window shopped in Target, and started to buy supplies for your Christening.  We also had so much fun at music class together.  I'm sorry to say that my enthusiasm of you being a little older and feeling like you were old enough to take out once in a while backfired because you got sick for the first time!  You had an adult cold, but for a baby whose lungs are still growing is called RSV.  You had a terrible sounding couch and we had to give you nebulizer treatments four times a day for three weeks!  My heart broke to see you so sick.  You slept in the car seat next to us so you could sit up right and cough less.  The first week I gave you treatments over night to make sure you were breathing ok and we had to count your breaths to make sure that you weren't struggling too much.  Oh my baby girl, it was so upsetting but little by little you got better.  I was so happy that you were back to your usual self and decided to take you back to your music class that I missed enjoying with you so much!  I guess Mommy made another mistake because you got pink eye!  You rubbed your eye and actually had a blood vessel burst that made your whole eye look bloody.  Our hearts broke again to see you looking like you had been in the boxing ring!  I am happy to say though your eye cleared up pretty quickly from the drops we gave you and tomorrow is the last day.  Now my sweet Kacey you will be staying indoors for a while until you are a little bigger and this weather warms up!  I can't take seeing you sick anymore for a while!

We all hated to see you sick, even Indy!

You slept a lot this month, but that meant bonus cuddles with Mommy & Daddy!

Even though you were sick, you still were so happy!  Any warm days we did get I tried to take you outside for a walk, otherwise we played a lot inside!

We also took our monthly photo of you when you were 5 months on March 5th!  We did an Easter theme this month!

Despite all of the sickness upset, I still enjoyed every moment that we were together!  I cancelled all my tutoring for those 3 weeks and we played and played!  You learned to roll over from your back to your belly during this month and we were so proud!  You also started sampling some fruits mixed with your oatmeal!  So far you love apples the best, have mixed feelings on bananas, prunes, and pears, and you really dislike peaches!  It is fun to feed you with a spoon and see all the funny faces you make while learning how to use your mouth and tongue!

I don't have you watch a whole lot of TV yet, but we have been trying out Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! This is the cutest show ever and Daddy and I dream about being able to someday take you to Disney.  You especially love Donald Duck which we think is part of your connection to Grandma Phyllis whose favorite animal was ducks!  We all dance the Hot Dog Dance and you especially love when Daddy does it.

Fun times in music class!

March was also St. Patrick's Day.  Even though Mommy isn't Irish, Daddy is a little bit.  I dressed you like a little leprechaun.  We actually ended up eating pizza with Grandpa but maybe next year Grandpa will have time to make us his usual cornbeef and cabbage which is so good!

Mommy turned 30 in March!  Daddy had planned a birthday brunch and a trip to Pennsylvania.  We postponed the brunch until April because I didn't want to have it if you couldn't go.  We hope to go to PA some other time, but for now all I needed for my birthday was for you to feel better and to spend time with you and Daddy. You are absolutely my greatest gift!  Aunt Sally watched you the day before my birthday so we could go to dinner and a movie.  Then on Sunday we dyed Easter eggs with you and Daddy ordered dinner and brought it to our house so we could be together.  Daddy bought me a beautiful necklace with diamonds and our two birthstones.  You bought me an I love you Mommy necklace.  I love them both so much and have been rotating wearing them!

The end of March was also Easter!  The Easter bunny came for you Kacey!  Since you can't have candy you got some new toys, books, and hair bows!  Your basket was a cute little lamb. We couldn't take you inside a church, so similar to Christmas we went to the outdoor parts of the Shrine.  I read you and Daddy an Easter story to teach you all about the miracle of Jesus and I will try my hardest to share my faith with you.  Then we went to Grandpa's.  We did an egg hunt for your cousins and someday you can join in too!

We also got a new roof in April!  Here is the before and after shot, we really needed to get this done and are thrilled with the results!  So you should be safe, warm, and dry with our new roof!

I am glad to welcome April now as we enter month 7.  I want you to be happy and healthy and to just always know how loved you are.  Every day when I think I can't possibly love you and Daddy more, I do!  My heart is so filled with love and affection for you!

Love you baby!


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