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Dear Kacey: Month 3- December 2015

Dear Kacey,

Month 3 was such a special month for us because it was December and Christmas is mine and Daddy's absolutely favorite time of the year,  We had so much fun sharing some holiday traditions with you and starting some new ones too!  You also experienced a lot of firsts this month too, because as you are growing, you are learning to do more and more things!

Daddy built us this manger. I always wanted one and he made me one that was more beautiful than I ever could have imagined!

On December 5th, we had fun taking your 2 month photos!  We put you by some of our favorite decorations, our Disney sleigh that we got after our Disney trip last Christmas & this deer that Daddy loves that he got at the National Christmas Museum in PA a few years ago!  You looked so cute with your bow and jeans!

You were also visited by my "Elf of the Shelf" named Sheldon who used to visit my Kindergarten classroom each year.  Now he is going to visit you to see if you have been naughty or nice.  You and Daddy had so much fun finding him each day!

We also got you a chocolate Advent calendar that I had to eat for you this year, but someday you will be able to eat it yourself.  We played the game I used to play as a kid, where you, Daddy, and I each tried to guess which picture was behind each door.  Daddy was the winner this year with the most correct guesses.  One afternoon, you and I made an Advent calendar for Indy filled with mini milk bones!

We also took a ride to Hick's Nursery and looked at all of the beautiful Christmas decorations, trees, and live reindeer they had!  Since you weren't allowed in indoor places yet, Daddy and I took turns going in.  Then, we stopped for our first visit to the Shake Shack and drove through the Light Show at Jones Beach!  Unfortunately, you cried through some of the light show (until we pulled over and gave you a bottle) and slept through a lot of it, but we were still so happy to have you with us.  We can't wait until next year when you can enjoy these events more!

Hick's Nursery is amazing!

Daddy got me a Christmas-themed shake with peppermint in it!
 Jones Beach Light Show
 We counted all the Rudolphs with you!

We also baked a lot of Christmas cookies together!  We made sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses on top, and of course anisette cookies!  Anisette cookies are a tradition that Grandma Phyllis learned from her Grandma Vita.  Your Daddy has been making them with me the past few years and I am thrilled that now you will be a part of this tradition too!

You were so excited to bake!

 Daddy made a mess with the flour!

Indy joined us too!

 You are the cutest cookie helper ever!

We also took you to the Riverhead Christmas Parade.  Some of the fire trucks were a little too noisy for you, but you got to wave to Santa with Daddy!

 We got this super cute photo of you with this Santa!

 Snoozing at the parade!

 Daddy loved all the tractors in the parade!

 Waving to Santa!

We also took a bunch of pictures of you in your Christmas dress so we could put in on our Christmas card! 

 And we also took some pictures of you in your red Christmas coat Daddy bought you and the Christmas hat I crocheted for you!

We also took some pictures of Indy by the tree so he could be on our card too!

 Indy also got into some mischief with my yarn!

We went with Grandpa to Home Depot and helped him pick his tree too!

We also took you to the Dickens Festival in West Hampton.  We were so lucky that December was so warm because then we were able to do a lot of fun outside stuff with you!

 We even got to take your first photos with Santa!  We were thrilled he was all alone in this realty office on Main Street at the festival!

 Santa said you were "a beautiful baby!"

 That night we went to a bonfire on the river in downtown Riverhead.
We had hot cocoa & cookies, warmed up by the fire and saw Santa arrive by boat!

 Here comes Santa on his boat!

We also watched a bunch of Christmas movies this month, including Daddy's favorite of all time "It's a Wonderful Life."  Other movies we watched included: A Christmas Carol, Elf, Jingle All the Way, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Charlie Brown Christmas, Mistletones, Holiday in Handcuffs, Snow, Snow 2, Holidazes, The Nine Lives of Christmas, The Best Christmas Party Ever, Family Holiday, A Royal Christmas, Guess Whose Coming to Christmas, and Flight Christmas.  I am positive there were more because we watched one most nights at home and we went to Grandpa's house every Saturday to watch one with him, but that is all I can remember.  Someday we hope you will really enjoy watching with us!  This year though, you liked Rudolph the best out of all the ones we watched!

We had our annual Christmas celebration with Stevi, Joe, Leo and Juliet and were so happy to have you join us.  I kept telling Daddy how thrilled I am that now we have a little one to share the holidays with.  We had a Christmas bagel brunch and then we went up to the loft to open gifts.  Leo wrote a list of 25 names to help us name our fish.  The winner: Ulysses!  You got some really great toys: a ocean themed tube to play with and do tummy time on and an awesome mini talking kitchen.  It has a toaster and blender that do all kinds of fun things.  We have been playing with both of these toys a lot!

 Leo working on his fish name list (and in case you are wondering, he spelled every name he wrote correctly!  Simply amazing!)
 The Girls

 Daddy and Joe had celebratory cherry cokes at the brunch!

 Fun new toys for Kacey-girl!
 Here is your first personalized ornament that we bought you at Santa's Christmas Tree Farm where we cut down our tree.  We are going to let you pick one special ornament every year!

We took you to the cemetary to visit Grandma Vita, Grandpa Rocco, Grandma Ernie, Uncle Tony,a and of course Grandma Phyllis.  Daddy helped me make wreaths and sprays for everyone and we decorated each of them with ornaments, bows and more.  You slept through most of our visits, but when we got to Grandma Phyllis, you woke up and became super alert.  You started laughing and smiling and we got the most beautiful picture of you.  You are our special, miracle baby and I know Grandma Phyllis loves you so much!

 My beautiful girl visiting Grandma Phyllis!  This is such a special picture of you Kacey!

You also helped Mommy and Daddy celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary.  Daddy bought Mommy a new dress and watched you so I could get my hair and nails done.  He also got you a new outfit!  Then we went for a beautiful dinner at the Cooperage and you were such a good girl.  We tried to go to the Girl Scout light show but it got cancelled because we got a big rain storm.  So we came back home and opened gifts and watched our wedding video. I hope you will always know how much your parents love one another and you!
 Your anniversary outfit

 Before Mommy got all dressed up!
 You smiling at your Daddy!

 You helped Daddy do his work so Mommy could get pampered!

 We took turns eating at the Cooperage and you were such a good girl.

 You fell asleep right before dessert.

Daddy bought me a Christmas cross, a Christmas storybook to read to you and a little felt nativity set for  you to play with from the Shrine!
 I always give Daddy a traditional anniversary gift. This year was fruits and flowers.  I took these apple photos with you and we made an "Apple of Daddy's eye" picture frame and gave him apple seeds and an apple pot.  We are going to try to grow our own apple tree!

 Here you are in your pjs watching our anniversary video and playing with your new nativity.  

Our first Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were so special for us.  You are the best gift we could have ever gotten. Christmas Eve we stopped by the Shrine, since you were too little to go to church this year.  Then, at night we went to Grandpa's to celebrate with him, Grandad, your Aunt, Uncle and cousins.  We all got so many wonderful gifts.  You got clothes, a musical window, a musical turtle, a jumpy swing, and holiday Barbie!  Christmas morning, the three of us (and Indy) opened gifts.  You were a good girl and Santa came for you!  You got a lot of books, a doll, a musical farm, a stuffed animal farm and more.  Some of Daddy's favorite gifts were a lot of tractor stuff from Outback Toys, a Christmas sign from Magnolia Market, a Jeff Gordon car, a sign from Duke's of Hazard.  Mommy got a Cinderella doll and dvd, clothes, curl magic, Pioneer Woman stuff (including the Charlie cookie jar!), and the best gift of all: a gift certificate to take a ten week music class with you!  It starts next week and I can't wait to take you.  After that, we stopped by Uncle Eric and Aunt Patti's house.  They got us all nice things, including a pink and purple singing rocking horse!  Right now we have to hold you on it, but we know you love it already.   After that, we came back to our house to celebrate with Grandpa, and your Aunt, Uncle, and cousins.  I took some time on the couch just to snuggle you and take it all in.  It was such a fun but hectic two days, but I loved our time where I just held you close and looked at the tree.

Our time at the Shrine on Christmas!  Everything looked so beautiful!

 Daddy and I standing by the tree we got engaged at.

I made this giant Christmas cookie, this cute Christmas tree veggie tray (thanks to pintrest and facebook!), antipasto and baked ziti!

1st Christmas Eve Memories

 Holiday Barbie!

We changed you into this Christmas Eve PJs!
 Christmas bedtime stories
 Leaving cookies for Santa

 Time for bed so Santa can come!

 Santa came and wrote back to you on your special Christmas cookie plate!

Christmas morning fun!

 I almost finished your stocking by Christmas, but luckily it was done enough for Santa to fill!
 You love your ducks!

 Cool shades that were in your stocking.

Indy got a Christmas light pull toy from Santa!

 I can't wait to start our class together!

 Christmas at Uncle Eric and Aunt Patti's new house

 Uncle Eric said "yes" to being your Godfather!
Riding your new pony!

 Taking time on Christmas night to enjoy my little one!

 After everyone went home, we watched Rudolph with you!

Since the Girl Scout light show got rained out on our anniversary, we took you back there on December 26th.  We had a lot of fun!

After Christmas, we took you on your first vacation to Lancaster, PA from January 28th-30th.  We were thrilled to have you with us at our favorite vacation spot.  We took you to Outback Toys, Tractor Supply, Peaceful Valley furniture, the Bird in Hand Buffet, and Countryside Road Stand!  You even went swimming for the first time!  You also ate inside restaurants for the first time.  Daddy and I tried to be super careful and asked to be seated as privately as possible at each place went.  Even though it was different traveling with a baby, Daddy and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  We know you are going to love visiting this place as you grow as much as we do!

We packed your  new Frozen suitcase with everything you would need!

You love your new musical octopus and he kept you happy in the car.  We named him Ollie!
 Your first time in a restaurant (It was a T.G.I.Fridays, nothing too exciting but it was convenient.) 

You holding my most recent Amish figurine for my collection.

Messick tractor light show: You sat on Daddy's lap and watched the whole show!

Sleeping in the hotel
 You in your "Most Adorable Girl" Sweatsuit that you got from Grandpa for Christmas

 Having breakfast at the Amish buffet

 You laughed hysterically when you saw yourself in the car mirror

 Looking at the tractors at Outback Toys

 Your  new beagle puppy K.C. that Daddy bought you
 Shopping with Daddy at Tractor Supply
 The new sign for Mommy's kitchen
 Browsing the furniture at Peaceful Valley

 First family vacation

 Getting ready for your first swim!

 Your official Amish faceless doll: God sees us all the same, that's why the Amish make their dolls faceless
 Staring at K.C.
 Daddy loves Red Robin

 Your 4th light show of the Christmas season! Shadybrook Farm

 We had a great family vacation!  The first of many my Kacey girl...

We wrapped up the Christmas season with Grandpa's annual Rocking Chair New Year's Eve Party!  You had a new cute gold and sparkly outfit to ring in the new year!  You took a few naps along the way, but were able to hang out until midnight!

 2016 is going to be our best year ever!

Other than all of those wonderful Christmas memories, a few other special things happened this month!

First Smile: December 3, 2015- One of the most special milestones so far!  We love to see you smile!

You met Mommy's friend and one of her bridesmaid's Jenna!  We have been friends since we met in middle school when we were both 13!

Godparents: You asked Uncle Eric and Aunt Sally to be your Godparents.  You will be getting baptized at the end of April.  We made them these frames filled with poems and your pictures inside.  You asked Aunt Sally on her birthday and Uncle Eric on Christmas and they both said yes!

We went to Wildwood Park and walked down to see the water.  This December the weather was beautiful!

First Tractor Ride: Daddy got his tractor up and running and took you for a ride on his lap in the backyard.  He isn't completely finished restoring it yet, but he wanted to squeeze in a ride with you while the weather was still warm.  You loved it and only cried when the ride was over!

This was a tractor we saw one night all decorated that we really liked!  Daddy is positive you will love tractors just like he does!

All that's left to discuss in month 3 is how cute you are in our every day moments! I love all of your cute outfits, watching you sleep (especially in our arms) and watching you play!  You are especially hooked on the little yellow birdy who is inside your play mat and that makes you laugh and smile so much!

You love that little yellow birdy!  He's so funny, isn't he Kacey?

Kacey I hope you will always know how much your Mommy and Daddy love you.  You made December 2015 our best Christmas season ever. XOXOX

Love always,

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