Monday, June 2, 2014

Camping, Housewarming, & More Cooking!

We have had a really hectic past few weeks over here!  First, we went camping with some of Tom's family.  My sister-in-law unfortunately wasn't feeling well, but it gave Tom & I some quality time with our nephews.  We camped at Hither Hills in Montauk, which is beach camping at its best.  I am not the best camper, seeing as I don't love the public showers and such. But I did enjoy roasting marshmallows, taking my nephews on the playground and for bike rides around the campsite, and looking out at the stars with Tom!  I know Tom and our two favorite little guys really enjoyed being one with nature, so that was enough to make me happy!

                                                                                                                                                             Tom and I also had our housewarming party.  We had a big BBQ Memorial Day weekend!                                        I wanted to invite everyone who has ever rooted for us regarding our house, reads my blog, or who has ever thought kindly towards Tom & I.  Unfortunately, I couldn't really invite everyone (Tom mentioned that my guest list was approaching wedding size), but for anyone who I couldn't have, I intend to have lots of visitors this summer.  

We cooked the usual hot dogs and hamburgers, but we tried to change it up with a salad bar (Pioneer Woman inspired!)  I was also so appreciative of everyone who brought appetizers, salads, desserts, and all of the the thoughtful gifts!  I made party favors filled with homemade cookies, including my mom's famous raisin cookies!  I hope everyone enjoyed these tasty treats!  We had so much fun and Tom & I couldn't be prouder of our house. 


Also, one of my gifts from Stevi was an Amish cookbook!  I made the taco pie and an apple cream pie from it tonight.  The taco pie was fabulous and I can't wait to dive into the apple one in a little bit!  I also made a steak on the BBQ the other day with a Bobby Flay inspired marinade.  It was yummy!  I love the BBQ because it means Tom can help me cook.  He really enjoys being in charge of the grill!


 I am happiest just sitting outside eating dinner with Tom looking out at our backyard.  We also started a garden which we are having so much fun watering and watching and hoping things will grow.  We are probably weeks or months away from actual "crops" but we are enjoying being farmers!

I also have a prayer request to ask of all of you.  A friend of mine from when I was a student staff worker at St. Joseph's College recently suffered a tragedy.  His wife lost their baby to a tragic cord accident and they have been in my thoughts and prayers everyday since hearing this sad news.  I sent them some homemade cookies in the mail and I hope it brightened their day.  If you could close your eyes and say a little prayer for them and their family, I would be so appreciative.

Finally, I got a lot of recipes at the housewarming party, but I need so many more for my "Cooking for a Cure" cookbook (a percentage of the profits go to the American Cancer Society).  Can you email or Facebook message me one?

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