Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lancaster, PA & Easter

So a favorite vacation spot of my and Tom's probably makes the list for most senior citizens...Lancaster, PA!  We love visiting the Amish areas seeing the open farm land and a simpler, country way of life.  Additionally, the food is absolutely amazing, so fresh and homemade.  We usually stay at a place called the Bird-in-Hand Family Inn.  It is great because in addition to cute country rooms, there is a restaurant attached that serves delicious Amish buffets for all three meals each day or you can order off of the regular menu.  Tom and I usually get a package plan with our room that includes: 2 breakfasts, 1 dinner, a $10 shopping coupon, and 2 free bakery items (cookies or shoo-fly pie).  Our room this time was really cool because we weren't in the main building, but instead a private area that only has two rooms.  This was really nice because this time of year a lot of kids were there so it was nice to avoid that a bit.  There is also a small theater on the premises that puts on Amish shows based on Amish novels.  This time's show was called "Half-Stitched" and it was so funny!  It was centered on a little Amish widow who is hosting a two day quilting class.  Her students range from a couple trying to re-connect, a biker out on parole, a church member looking for "me time", and a bratty teenager who is attending because her grandmother signed her up for the class.  We really loved the show and I would definitely recommend it.  The place we stay also has 2 indoor pools, 1 outdoor pool, a lake to walk around, miniature golf, a petting zoo, basketball and tennis courts, and more.  You can also take a free 2 hour Amish bus tour.  Tom and I have taken it enough times that we know all our favorite "hot-spots" so we can drive to them ourselves.  Overall, we loved having a few days to relax before Easter and we got some great new decor for our country house.  Lastly, did I mention that Tom and I got our status increased to VIP plus because we have stayed over ten days and we earned $50 off our stay this time! Can't beat being VIP Plus at the Bird in Hand!

The Eagle Diner (a favorite of Tom's when he lived in PA)  They have an amazing salad bar!
Our "private suite" at the Bird in Hand

Off to the show


Look at these giant fish you can feed!

Amish bench and shelf

Tom finished the chair rail in the dining room and we have some of our Amish country decor up!

Here are some links if you ever want to take a trip to our favorite place:

Bird In Hand Family Inn

Countryside Road-Stand: The absolute best soft pretzels in the world!  It is the cutest little stand and shop owned by an Amish family

Countryside Road-Stand

Hayloft Candles: Really great country decor and a cute petting zoo

Hayloft Candles

After our trip, it was time for Easter!  We had a great day at my father-in-law's house.  I absolutely love spending the holidays with my nephews.  We did a really cool egg hunt for them this year with "hard to find" eggs, that looked like grass, rocks, plants, and bugs.  Tom and I also dyed eggs before our trip using a cool tie-dye kit.

                                                        My classic Easter bunny cake!

I have also been having some fun with my week off.  Tom and I have been continuing to work on our house.  I also had a great day with my younger nephew yesterday at the park with Stevi and her adorable kids Leo & Juliet.  It was such a great day outside filled with running around the playground and a lot of bubbles!  Today, I went with two friends to the Cooperage.  We had a delicious lunch and even more delicious desserts!  I was so happy to see them and show them the house that I am so proud of!

Juliet at the park!

3 desserts at the Cooperage!

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