Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dear Kacey: Month 1- October 2015

Dear Kacey,

I've decided to write you a letter each month to recap the previous month that we have enjoyed with you.  October 2015 was the most life changing month for your Daddy and I because on October 5th you were born!  In your first month of life, there has been a lot of changes.  Our lives are currently lived in 3-4 hour intervals when you need to be fed and have your diaper changed.  I wash and fill a lot of bottles each day and do things around the house for our family, since I am currently not teaching this school year.  Daddy and I very tired from waking up to care for you over night.  We are trying to help you understand the difference between day and night because for a lot of month one you slept during the day but then wanted to be up at night!  All of that "work" doesn't even come close to comparing to all of the love we feel for you!  Giving you hugs and kisses, snuggling on the couch, and spending time with you and Daddy has been the most special thing that has every happened to me.  When I look at your little face, tiny hands and feet, I feel like my heart could just explode.  I always knew I loved your Daddy so much, but seeing the two of you together is the best. I love our little family, the three of us, along with Indy, and you are our most special blessing.

My faith has also been deepened this month my sweet girl.  I want to teach you all the things I believe about God and Jesus, but nothing is further proof to me of God's existence than the miracle of you.  From the moment we heard you were a girl, my dream was fulfilled to make your middle name after my mom Grandma Phyllis.  Your Daddy and I will never get over that you were born on the original K.C's birthday, October 5th.  Out of 365 days in a year, we can not believe that was the day God chose for you to be born.  The fact that you were as small as a poppy seed nine months ago and grew in my belly to the beautiful baby girl you are now is amazing.  All I can say is God is good and you are such a blessing.

So each month that I write to you, I want to tell you all the things we have been doing together.  As I mentioned for your first month, you like to eat and sleep a lot.  You also smile once in a while and your Daddy and I feel like you are starting to recognize our voices and our faces, by the sweet way you look up at us. You love to be held and rocked and would rather sit with us and fall asleep on us, than be put in your swing or pack and play.  Daddy and I read two stories to you every night.  He holds you and I read to you and we love when you look at the pictures.  We also give you baths together where I sponge you off, wash your hair, and lotion your little body while Daddy helps hold you.  We have you do tummy time so you can get big and strong.  You have a lamb swing and a puppy bouncer that you sit in when our hands are full or we need to eat dinner.  We love that you live with us and can't believe you are ours.  Some nights Daddy and I just look at one another and you and know that you are our best gift.

Since you can't go inside public places yet, I take you outside as much as possible.  Luckily, the weather in October has been warm enough for us to go out in your stroller almost every day. I've taken you to a few beaches and parks, and we have gone for walks in the neighborhood with Daddy and Indy.  You have gone a few times to watch your big cousin play soccer.  I also took you to the Shrine in Manorville where Daddy and I got engaged.  The one part of October that Daddy and I were sad about was Daddy had to go away to Texas for a few days for work.  We know he had to go to do well at work for us, but we were both so sad to have our little family be apart for a few days.  You and I passed the time with a visit from some of the girls I teach with, Grandad came over and we went to Helen's Farm (we did the corn maze together and went to a little beach), Aunt Sally kept us company, and Grandpa came for lunch one day.  Daddy and I talked with you on Skype on our phones so we could all see each other and we counted the hours until he came home to us!  We are so glad we got through that trip and I know you prefer when your Daddy is home with us.  We also celebrated Grandpa and Uncle Glenn's birthdays and they were both nice enough to have at home celebrations so you could come too.  We also celebrated your first Halloween.  You had a cute "I'm so cute it's spooky outfit" and you wore a Minnie Mouse costume to trick or treat in our neighborhood with your cousins.  We had pizza with Daddy's side of the family and then we watched Charlie Brown Halloween and roasted pumpkin seeds from the girl jack-o-lantern that Daddy made for you.  October was a pretty busy month for such a little girl!

I love you with all my heart Kacey Phyllis!


Our very first photo as a family of 3!

Grandad loves you so much!  He got you a Raggedy Ann doll (we can't believe the hospital gift shop had that, one of Grandma Phyllis' favorites, it is the 100 year anniversary!)

Daddy couldn't wait to put you in the car to take you home!

Even though I look so tired, this was your first bath!

The first of your monthly pictures!

Grandpa's 65th birthday party at our house

You looking like the cutest ballerina!

A quick stop by the pumpkins!

We love that we live near the farms and we can take you all the time!

One of many feeding times!

Tummy time!

Cute ballerina again!

Story time!

Your pumpkin hat I made you!

A time you were awake while Daddy was packing for Texas!  He looked at this picture often while he was away!

Snuggles with our sweet pea (as Daddy has nicknamed you!)

In the corn maze with Grandad

Beach baby

The Christmas stocking I am working hard to make you.  I started it while I am pregnant and am determined to have it done for your first Christmas.

Trip to the Shrine in Manorville.

Kacey kisses

Happy 1st Halloween Baby Girl!

Our little Minnie Mouse

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