Saturday, July 4, 2015

PA & the 4th of July: In Numbers

My friend Katie, whose blog you can see here has done a few posts recently using numbers.  I am going to follow that format to write about our recent trip to Pennsylvania & the 4th of July.

2.5- How many minutes it took to make this awesome horse and buggy waffle at our continental breakfast while in PA.

5- The number of Amish pretzels Tom & I consumed together over the course of this vacation.  We absolutely love our Roadside Stand where the most delicious, melt in your mouth pretzels are created.  I bet if you go you can't eat just one!

2- The number of Sight & Sound shows Tom and I have seen.  Last year we saw Moses and this time we saw Joseph.  I love the live animals in these shows, and how this massive theater really makes you feel like you have walked into a scene from the Bible.  

150- The approximate price of a fake deer for your backyard.  Tom and I would love one for our yard, but were shocked how much ornamental lawn animals cost!  They even had beagle statues.  But we took some cool photos at this statue place!  For now photos will have to do.

6- The number of times I have gone to GM Nationals with Tom in Carlisle PA.  This year the show was washed out on Saturday, so we went to the Sunday show instead.  There weren't as many cars as usual, so we are thinking about going back for the truck show in August.  I'm up for it, because I will take any reason to go back to Amish country.  This year both my nephews came and I can't deny how much I love those two!  They are still at an age where they think Tom and I are the coolest and when it was time to go home, the boys looked so sad that we cancelled our plans to shop so we could stop for dinner on the way home with them.  Next weekend we are planning to have a sleepover with my nephews staying at our house.  When we saw them yesterday, they were already filled with ideas about how to fill our sleepover weekend!

800- The average number of kernels on an ear of corn.  The open country, filled with corn fields is one of our favorite, most relaxing parts of driving around PA.  Our own corn is starting to sprout up in our garden.  Here are some of the beautiful scenes from our trip.

3- The number of colors in my 4th of July firework cake.  You can read the recipe here: Firework Cake.  This cake was so easy, yet looked really awesome.  I divided the batter into 3 bowls, and dyed a cup in red, white, & blue.  I poured the batter in layers into the pan and once it was cooled, I iced it.  The icing had to also be divided into 3 bowls and dyed with red, white and blue.  It is easier to drizzle it if you microwave it (I found 15 seconds to be the perfect amount of time).  I was very

pleased with how this cake looked and tasted.

239- Did you know that's how old the USA is?   We went to Tom's aunt and uncle's house for their annual BBQ.  We had a lot of fun, food and laughs.  Afterwards, we went to watch some fireworks from a parking lot near Riverhead raceway.  The baby was kicking like crazy, I wonder if she could hear the loud fireworks!  Next year she will be wearing this cute 4th of July outfit that my friend Lindsay that I work with gave us!

92- That's how old my great-Aunt Jean turned on her birthday today!  She lives in New Mexico now, but I absolutely love and miss my mom's aunt.  She was always so special to my family and her and my Uncle Tony used to go to Lancaster all the time.  It is nice that our favorite place was special to them too!

102- Days left until my due date!  I can't wait to meet our little girl!  Here I am in my 24 week photo!  My baby bump is certainly growing as I am almost at my 3rd trimester.

I got a kick out of wearing my "Toms" t-shirt from Stevi while on this trip.  The baby and I both proudly tell the world who has our hearts!

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  1. So glad you guys had such a great time!! Love the baby's 4th outfit for next year!! Cute Cute!!