Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back to PA, our favorite vacation spot!

Tom and I took a really nice trip back to our favorite getaway, Lancaster PA!  We visited all of our favorite Amish spots, did a bunch of stuff together, and overall just enjoyed relaxing.  This post is going to be filled with pictures, because I wanted to capture everything we did.

Tom at his favorite burger place, Red Robin

 We love the open country!

 We love our visits to the Bird-in-Hand
 Best soft pretzels ever: Countryside Road Stand
 Pretending to milk a cow at Kitchen Kettle Village
 The new Smucker village

 Can you tell whose shadow is whose?

 Best stuffed blueberry French toast at the Bird in Hand Restaurant!

 Park of the 5 Senses

 Strasbourg Railroad

 We had lunch in the dining car while we took a train ride

 Sight & Sound Theater

 Moses was amazing!  We couldn't believe the live animals they had in the show!
 We went back to Carlisle, PA for the Truck Show!

Hershey Gardens: So beautiful!

 Milton Hershey built this beautiful rose garden for his wife.  

 Eyeball Plants

 These trees are so much taller than us!

 I am wearing rock slippers

 Butterfly Garden

 Water squirting Hershey kisses

 We made a stop at Chocolate World

 We go to Bird in Hand so much, we are VIPs.  See our name of the screen!
 The Cock & Bull Restaurant in Peddler's Village

I love that Tom and I have our special vacation spot in PA.  I know we will visit for years to come and with our future children someday.  Every time we go, we love the countryside so much and I am happy we have a piece of the country living where we do.  We can't wait to go back!

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